Meet Our STEM Director

“In a cultural climate in which moral norms are often thought to be matters of personal preference, Catholic schools have a crucial role to play in leading the younger generation to realize that freedom consists above all in being able to respond to the demands of the truth" ~Saint John Paul II

Ellen Russell’s career as a lifelong science and robotics expert will provide the Academy with strategic guidance of implementing STEM related curricula at all schools benefitting from the Academy. Research shows that a STEM curriculum fosters critical thinking skills while developing the ability to work collaboratively on project-based work.

Ellen’s responsibilities will include providing ongoing teacher professional development as well as creating curriculum and instructional strategies for STEM education. She will continue to work directly with students in the robotics and science Olympiad programs.  In addition, Mrs. Russell will teach robotics, engineering, and computer science to grades 1-4, and lead the robotics team at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic elementary school in Taunton.

Previously, Mrs. Russell worked as science teacher and department chairperson in both the Easton Public Schools and Westwood Public Schools.  In this capacity, she was responsible for the development of new curricula such as elementary school engineering, middle school technology, and forensic science.